Vinho Imperfeito D&V Code Dão & Vinho Verde 2018

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The small company Vinhos Imperfeitos is born from an insatiable thirst to produce unique wines with different characteristics. Believing that there is much to do in the oenological world and thinking of unusual wines, we present the white wine D&V-code 2018. Made of grapes from two different regions: Dão and Vinhos Verdes. The goal is to put together in one bottle the best we can get from both worlds, believing that together can provide a miracle.


Was chosen a blend of 2018 white wine from Dão, known for its deep aromatic complexity, elegance, length and guaranteed longevity. This was married to a lot of white wine from Vinhos Verdes, with firm, fresh and vibrant wrist, with citrus and floral aromas, a firm mouth with a long finish and unforgettable citrus notes.


Winemaking DÃO:

In the old days vine growers planted their vineyards with different vine varieties in order to obtain a balanced wine, only with their vineyard. Consisting of more than 7 white grape varieties, the grapes responsible for this part of the lot are from centuries-old vineyards, with the characteristics of Terras de Senhorim sub-region. The great challenge in these cases is to harvest in its perfect ripeness, taking into account that each grape varieties has its own ripening “time”.
The harvest was on 15th of September, after a careful selection, the grapes were pressed with stems, very slowly and the must gently sended to a stainless steel vat. By accurately controlling the temperature, this must fermented with its indigenous yeasts, thus preserving its natural aromas. Its prolonged stage took place in french oak barrels expressly chosen for this.


Winemaking Vinho Verde:

These grapes were harvested from an ancient vineyard in the sub-region of Sousa, a fresh region of rich and granite soils, suited to the style of wine we sought for this blend. Being the date of harvest, the “Terroir” and the varieties crucial to the success of this blend, we harvest the varieties of Avesso and Alvarinho on different days. The grapes were carefully transported in 25 kg boxes to the winery, selected with the help of a selection table and sent to the press that gently separated the pulp from the seeds and skins. The must was carefully sent to a stainless steel vat where it slowly fermented with its indigenous yeasts, thus achieving the purest Nature gives us. Because this wine was with its “fine lees” since the fermentation, it has a singular character typical of the Avesso and Alvarinho varieties.
2961 bottles and 20 Magnum were bottled.


Tasting Notes:

Of citric color, in a balanced year like 2018, the white wine D&V-code, shows an exuberant floral aroma, with evident mineral notes. The wood and the mineral aromas of the Dão are in perfect harmony with a citric and floral profile of the Vinho Verde. Of great precision and good acidity, it transmits a genuine freshness and balance, in a long and complex length. The elegance and complexity characteristic of Dão’s blend, married to the vibrant vivacity and personality of Vinho Verde, makes a balance wine! Having both regions great potential for aging this wine promises a great longevity.

To touch heaven, the producer recommends tasting the wine to the sound of: “Sete pedaços de vento” by Cristina Branco.


Food Suggestions:

Grilled fish dishes. Delicate seafood (Lavagante, Lobster, Shrimp) and white meats.
Vegetarian suggestions: sautéed vegetables, salads and cheese dishes.


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