Grace Cuvee Misawa Akeno Vineyard Koshu 2019

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The wine is made from Koshu, an indigenous grape variety in Japan. It is also the only vitis vinifera grape variety originated from Asia. Koshu is semi-aromatic. Its wine at its best has a delicate and subtle flavour profile, is low in alcohol and has a gentle attack on the palate; is transparent and fresh with vibrant acidity.

In 2014, “Cuvee Misawa Akeno Koshu” won the first gold medal of Japanese wine at the world’s largest wine competition, but it continues to evolve as if to prove the growth of Koshu.

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  • VINTAGE 2019

    Trial cultivation started in 1990, and trelised viticulture in Koshu started in 2005 at Misawa Farm.
    It currently has 4 hectares under vine. Misawa Farm is located at an altitude of 700m in Akeno Town, Hokuto City, Yamanashi Prefecture, and overlooks the Southern Alps to the west, Kayagatake to the east, Yatsugatake to the north, and Mt. Fuji to the south.
    Rain clouds are blocked by these mountains, and it boasts the best daylight hours in Japan.
    The cool climate of the highlands and the abundant daylight hours nurture the ripeness of the grapes, creating an exceptional balance of skeletal acids and condensed fruits.
    Grace do not use herbicides or chemical fertilizers, and cultivate grapes while valuing the craftsmanship unique to Japanese people. Grace Cuvee Misawa aims to be a pure and elegant wine.

    Koshu grown at Misawa Farm has been found to have smaller berries, higher sugar content (about 20%), and a different composition of organic acids.
    Therefore, when the composition of Koshu’s organic acid from Misawa Farm was investigated over several years, it was confirmed that it contained far more malic acid than normal Koshu. Malolactic fermentation is a reaction in which lactic acid bacteria break down malic acid into lactic acid.
    It is a fermentation that goes well with red wine and Chardonnay, but for a long time it was thought to be less likely to occur in Koshu, where the malic acid content is low.

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