Pato & Wouters 3B Baga Brut Nature Rosé NV

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Grapes: Baga (86%), Bical (14%)

Colour: A clear salmon rosé colour with fine bubbles.
Bouquet: The nose is very expressive with hints of strawberries, pomegranate and anise.
Taste: The mouth is refined, creamy, relatively smooth and has a very present minerality. The middle palate is fruitdriven and the aftertaste is dry and refreshing.
Gastronomic Accompaniments: A perfect aperitif and excellent with oriental and asian cuisine.


Traditional method, second fermentation in bottle, unfiltered and unfined to maintain the maximum natural flavours and maintain the quality of bubbles in the wine.
Origin and classification: Vinho de Mesa, Rosé sparkling wine extra brut from Óis do Bairro, Portugal. A very old region of glowing valleys, since centuries
known for the production of wines of excellent quality of Baga and Bical. The rural scenery is dominated by the Caramulo mountain.
Soil/Climate etc.: Chalky clay midslopes from the Jurassic Inferior with eastern orientation to the sun and a very intense Atlantic influence.
Winemaker’s Notes: The grapes for the sparkling wines are harvested from different locations. The harvest starts already in August to maintain the fresh
and fruity character of the grapes. This way we always have the natural acidity which we love. The first fermentation starts with the
natural yeast of the grapes. There is no dosage done, so the wines remain dry

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