Rippon Pinot Noir ‘Rippon’ Mature Vine 2012 – Cellar Release

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This Rippon Pinot Noir is savoury, sweet earth, dark cherries and five spices. Mineral freshness and fine-boned structure.

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Picked by hand into small, 10kg cases allowing the fruit to arrive at the winery’s sorting table undamaged and intact. This wine represents many small parcels of different clones, vine ages and micro-sites within a single vineyard.  22% whole cluster component. Each parcel is fermented and matured apart before blending.  12 months of new (24%) to 4 year old French oak barrels. The malolactic fermentation went through unaided (non-inoculated) in springtime; it was then racked back into barrel and allowed a second winter in barrel before being run directly into bottle without filtering or fining.


Decisions made in the vineyard and winery first consider the effect the outcome may have on the micro-flora of the soils, vines & wines. Rippon does not use herbicides, fungicides, pesticides or soluble nitrogenous fertilisers on the property. All the property’s organic waste matter is recycled to make around 40 tonnes of fungal dominant compost every year. This is spread back over the land during the first descending moon after harvest as an inoculation of beneficial micro-flora for the whole property…and thus starts a diverse and vital web of life on which to live and produce. Certified biodynamic.

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Score 97
This is showing some lovely bottle complexity with sweet plums and strawberries with some iron and candied orange aromas and flavors. Firm and fresh. Complex flavor and texture. From biodynamically grown grapes. Drink or hold.