Grace Gris De Koshu 2021

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Clear and in perfect condition, with pale but bright lemon yellow colour and hints of green. Medium viscosity. On the nose, ample aromas redolent of green apple and fresh notes of lime, followed by crispy scents of acacia flower and lemongrass, accented with white pepper and clove spiciness.


Alcohol by volume: 12%

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Grace Wine


““If I should fall from grace with god – Where no doctor can relieve me – If I’m buried ‘neath the sod – But the angels won’t receive me” Pear and lime, slight fresh mint and white flower perfume. It’s glossy and flinty at once, a subtle bitterness in with lime and apple, a nice crunch on the finish, and the merest suggestion of sweetness, like honeydew melon or similar. The most accessible in style of the 2018 Koshu, But so good to drink”_ Gary Walsh 93 POINTS