Julien Sunier Wild Soul Beaujolais Village 2022

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Beaujolais’ other claim to fame is its crucial role in developing natural wine. Partly in reaction to what they saw as an increasingly industrial approach to winemaking in the 80s, a group of vignerons were among the first to develop the minimal chemical approach that has inspired so many winemakers.

The Beaujolais natural wine scene is still buoyantly influential, with many of the best bottles made by growers working in or around that milieu. Among my favourites are wines by brothers Antoine and Julien Sunier, who each produce wines in their own independent domains. I loved the super-sappy vibrancy of Julien Sunier Wild Soul 2022.

David Williams, The Guardian (November 2023)


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Vineyard: Due to large crop losses in 2016, Julien Sunier founded a small negoce project and went in search of fruit for Wild Soul. This Vin de France is a blend of Gamay from Beaujolais Villages and Regnie Cru.


Orientation: Multiple parcels, varied exposure.


Soil: Granitic soils


Vinification: Semi-carbonic maceration in berglass tank; no sulfur in vinification.


Ageing: Ageing on the fine lees in 3000L concrete egg (no oxygen exposure); 10 mg of SO2 before bottling.


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