Rippon Pinot Noir Mature Vine (Not Gamay) 2022

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Vitality, beauty, complexity… all words to describe this biodynamically grown, naturally made Pinot Noir from one of the most beautiful vineyards on Earth.

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Re: Rippon Gamay Vine Stock 24th June 2024 
Late last week Rippon received the results of DNA testing that has revealed that the plant material that has  always been understood to be Gamay is, in fact, that of its cousin, Pinot Noir. The team at Rippon was alerted to this possibility in early April this year when a highly experienced ampelographer from France identified minor discrepancies that cast doubt on the genetic authenticity of this  plant material. In May, Rippon engaged with Riversun Nurseries to undertake DNA testing, the results of  which, received Friday last week, confirmed his belief.

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Rippon Gamay 2022
Posted on 24 May 2024.
The vines are around 36 years old, and I don’t think I’ve had one of these wines for many years. It’s usually Our Mike who reviews them, and look at this track record HERE.
Bright red fruit, red cherry and redcurrant, dried rose perfume, spice, dried herb and juniper, sweet earth, a sort of pastrami meatiness too. In short, complex. It’s medium-bodied, juicy and vibrant, quite some mouth-perfume, it has that earthy/ferrous quality that you get in the best Gamay wines, and gee, those quality of tannin here is superb. Swish them and they grip, but so fine pixel with density and a stony quality. Finish is long and fresh, all redcurrant and spiced strawberry. Terrific. Touch and go for 96 points really.
Rated : 95 Points
Tasted : May24
Alcohol : 13%