Rippon Sauvignon Blanc 2021

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Varietal, mineral, quietly expressive within the bouquet and naturally varietal with scents of fresh herbs and some wild spices, white fleshed fruits and citrus highlights. Taut, dry, youthful and very engaging on the palate. Flavours on the palate mirror the bouquet with citrus and fresh herbs, there’s plenty of fruit spice and a back bone of acidity. Delicious, fresh, not a mainstream style – thank goodness, very taut. From biodynamically grown grapes.


Picked by hand into small, 10kg cases allowing the fruit to arrive at the winery’s sorting table intact. It is then foot stomped in bins and period of skin  maceration is passed (3-15 hours) before being whole bunch pressed and run, by gravity, into a settling tank. After 12 hours of settling the juice is racked, retaining fine lees, and run separately into seasoned French oak barrels (40% of total) and a horizontal fermentation tank.

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Razor-sharp aroma reaching deep into the nostrils. The purest form of the freshest ginger. Then warm flint rocks and lemongrass. It’s firm white peaches, limey zing and a hint of honey. It’s a wine of ultra purity, clarity and clean-cut definition of fruit. The execution of aromas and flavours is flawless. Amazingly, it’s plush to the touch, talcum powder softness and fine texture, yet it travels far with precision and firmness. So beautifully aware. Next level experience. 95 Points 
Winefront: Kasia Sobiesiak
Posted on 11 October 2023.