Chateau de la Roche en Loire Pétillant Naturel Chenin Blanc 2018

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Chateau de la Roche en Loire benefits from an ideal micro climate, bordered on one side by the Chinon Forest and overlooking the valleys of the Loire and Indre. The mildness of the climate, typical of the region, is perfect for the vines which are planted on gentle slopes on soil composed on clay, sand and flint, giving the Chateau’s wines their special character.


The white wine is made from the Chenin or Pineau de la Loire grape, dry but delicate, with a remarkable bouquet with hints of quince, acacias, honey and apples. With its golden yellow dress, this Pet Nat 100% chenin 2018 surprises. The well-present bubble is fine and the aromas are those of ripe yellow fruits. In the mouth they also reveal all the flavors of the land, coated by a creamy and generous mouth. It is a meal wine, which will go perfectly with white meats with cream, mushrooms and soft cheeses. When it comes to desserts, it will be the perfect companion for desserts with yellow fruits.


Terroir – Brown or red flint clay under a thin silty-stony covering (glossy flint) giving a marked typicity: flint. Gentle slope oriented North – South, diversity of the landscape, pear trees, apple trees, cereals form a balance of biodiversity which increases the organic life of the soil. Drained plots with a network of ditches, wild hedges, natural grass, working the soil to force the roots of the vines to descend deeply in search of trace elements expressing their terroir.


Chateau de la Roche en Loire Pet Nat 2018
Appellation: Vin de France
Region: Loire
Country: France
Colour: White
Style: Sparkling
Grape Varieties: Chenin Blanc
Soil type: Clay, Silex
Vessel type: Stainless Steel
Low sulphite.
Notes on additives, aids & processing used:
No temperature control.
Total Sulphites: 20 mg/L
This wine is fermented spontaneously

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