Rippon ‘Rippon’ Mature Vine Riesling 2022

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Pure, textural, luscious, inviting, a riesling of accuracy and drinkability.


A warm & productive summer put plenty of flesh on this wine. The fruit is issued from Rippon’s mature vines, whose root hairs have invaded the schist rock below. Lurking towards the end of the first mouthful is substantial phenolic power and it soon starts to take charge of the wine… and give it its sense of place

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Rippon Rippon Mature Vine Riesling 2022
Posted on 05 June 2024.
THE WINEFRONT – Campbell Mattinson
The intensity of flavour here is right up there. There’s a certain softness to the acidity, though the wine’s backbone lacks for nothing, and the way apple, pineapple, lime, mandarin and honey characters pour it on, start to finish, is really something. The finish has a talc-like dryness, the fruit itself a suggestion of sweetness, the wine as a whole as convincing as it is lovely.
Rated : 95 Points
Tasted : Jun24
Alcohol : 12.5%