Domaine Chevrot Maranges “Sur le Chêne” Rouge 2015

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Sur le Chêne is a parcel facing south on a hillside of limestone gravel, planted with fifty year old vines. Made without sulphur to respect the expression of its terroir, our Maranges offers on the nose its usual range of red fruits, floral scents and liquorice.


On the palate, it never changes direction and offers its straight line of fresh fruits, solidly constructed on a central tannic theme that is clearly present but will soften after some years in cellar.


The ripe finish is enlivened by notes of citrus peel. Strongly-built for confrontations in the kitchen, this Maranges is well up to farmhouse guinea fowl or coq au vin.

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Variety: 100% Pinot Noir , Area: 3.16 ha

Average age of vine: 50 years

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